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Temporary Nannies

We at Temporary Nannies London understand that there are times you need your nanny quickly, or ASAP! Perhaps your nanny is taking a vacation; or called in sick, you still need to go to work. Who will look after your little ones? We know how stressful this can be, in cases of emergency - you need a replacement nanny immediately!

Whatever you call it – temp, occasional, emergency or on call nanny – we have them all!
Our temporary nannies are highly experienced professionals available immediately!

How much does a TemporaryNanny Cost?

    • Temporary nannies will charge hourly (£8 - £15 per hour) or daily charge of £80 - £150 per day.
    • Agency placement fee is £30 per day / Discount applies if you request a temporary nanny for a period longer than 4 consecutive weeks

    Where to start?

    Simply fill in the family registration form on the right hand side and we will contact you shortly.